Our Quality Philosophy

Silverwing Productions has grown from its humble beginnings in 1978 to one of the largest imprinted sportswear companies in the country. Our company has been a recognized leader in the screen printing industry for over 30 years and has been featured in many leading trade publications. We differ from most apparel printers in the fact that we are not a marketing company. We are a service company. We do everything from design to printing and all types of packaging, in house.

We offer premium quality products delivered on time with a smile. We provide customized apparel and services; exactly what you need at a great price. Because we are an industry leader, we are able to utilize our purchasing power to maximize value and pass those savings on to you, our customer. Our minimum order quantity is 24 pieces.

We, at Silverwing Productions-Dallas, provide creative screen printing solutions to enable OUR customers to better serve THEIR customers.

Our Approach:

At Silverwing Productions-Dallas, we focus on building long-term relationships by working directly with our clients. We form strategic alliances to share customer challenges, control costs (theirs as well as our own), develop each other’s strengths and overcome weaknesses. We are committed to on-time deliveries, continuous quality improvement, day-to-day communication, technical assistance, design support, and electronic information flow. We emphasize building lasting relationships based upon open, honest communications and mutual trust.

Business Practices:

Silverwing Productions-Dallas strives for and achieves the highest standards of professionalism, quality and ethical business practice. We stand by these principles, taking seriously our responsibilities to our clients, our employees and to the public. Our clients rely on us for their success - a responsibility we do not take lightly.


Quality garments, superior art and value on which you can count. Its the Silverwing Way.

Silverwing Sample Shirt Designs

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients, providing high quality products, competitive prices and the best attention with timely deliveries.